The First Railrod in Camden, 1834
(Relief in the PATCO Broadway Station)
Camden, New Jersey


50 Years of Community Building in Camden, New Jersey
All About Camden
(Phil Cohen)
Baseball, Camden, and the Swartz Boys

The Big Top

The Camden 28

Camden and the History of Recorded Sound

Camden – New Jersey - History 

Camden's History

Camden County Historical Society

Cramer Hill (from Prowell's The History of Camden County

Johnson Park Restoration
Memories of Camden

Ben Franklin Bridge
The Benjamin Franklin Bridge

Volney G. Bennett Lumber Company - History

Delaware River Port Authority -- 80 Years of Progress

The Drive-In Theater History Page

History of Esterbrook

Hobo's Guide to the Pennsy: Camden and Burlington County Railway

Photograph of Unemployed Workers Marching in New Jersey During the Great Depression

The J.B. Van Sciver Furniture Company

Education and Research
The St. Joseph High School Memorial Free Range Salt Lick

Fairview (Yorkship)
Fairview (Yorkship Village, Camden, NJ)
A Tribute to A Place Called YORKSHIP

BJ's Camden Hall of Fame
Camden Mayors, 1828 to present
"Dear Mr. Hopkins" (from Martha Gellhorn, April 25, 1935)
Harleigh Cemetery
(Find A Grave)  
Nick Virgilio - Camden's Haiku Poet

Walt Whitman - Camden's Poet
The Walt Whitman House

The USS New JerseyVisitors flock to the USS New Jersey.
Visitors flock to the USS New Jersey.

Read about the USS New Jersey in the CourierPost Online.
Visit the USS New Jersey official web site.

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