Camden, New Jersey



Mayor Term   Mayor Term
Samuel Laning 1828-1830
John H. Jones 1874-1876
Gideon V. Stivers 1830-1838
John Morgan 1876-1877
Elias Kaighn 1838-1840
James W. Ayers 1877-1880
Lorenzo F. Fisler 1840-1844
Claudius W. Bradshaw 1880-1886
John F. Cowperthwaite 1844-1845
Jesse W. Pratt 1886-1892
Richard W. Howell 1845-1846
John L. Wescott 1892-1898
Charles Kaighn 1845-1846
Cooper B. Hatch 1898-1902
Thomas B. Wood 1846-1848
Joseph E. Nowrey 1902-1905
Benjamin A. Hammell 1848-1849
Charles H. Ellis 1905-1922
Charles Sexton 1849-1851
Frank S. Van Hart, acting 1922-1923
Lorenzo F. Fisler 1851-1852
Victor King 1923-1927
Charles D. Hineline 1852-1853
Winfield S. Price 1927-1931
Lorenzo F. Fisler 1853-1855
Roy R. Stewart 1931-1935
Samuel Scull 1855-1856
Frederick von Nieda 1935-1936
James W. Shroff 1856-1857
George E. Brunner 1936-1959
Benjamin A. Hammell 1857-1858
Alfred R. Pierce 1959-1969
Clayton Trueax 1858-1860
Joseph M. Nardi, Jr. 1969-1973
Thomas B. Atkinson 1860-1862
Angelo J. Errichetti 1973-1981
Paul C. Budd 1862-1863
Melvin R. Primas, Jr. 1981-1990
Timothy Middleton 1863-1864
Aaron Thompson 1990-1993
Paul C. Budd 1864-1867
Arnold Webster 1993-1997
Charles Cox 1867-1871
Milton Milan 1997-2000
Samuel M. Gaul 1871-1874
Gwendolyn Faison 2000-

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  • Courier Post headlines from CamdenBase
  • Corrections and most links to individual mayors from Phil Cohen's web site.

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