Franciscans Caring for the Sick

Looking straight ahead and up as you enter the lobby of Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in Camden, NJ, you will see Franciscans Caring for the Sick, by Robert McGovern. 

"Under the Tau Cross, which is the Franciscan sign, a scene of caring unfolds. The picture which is a medieval time reminding the viewer that, since the time of their founding, Franciscans have led the world in the care of the sick.

In the middle of the painting an injured black man is being comforted. In the foreground, a lay woman gives medication to a small Jewish boy while in the background a Sister guides the hesitant steps of an aged woman. These three patients represent the ages, races and creeds that have received the care of the Franciscans.

Outside of the hospital, there is pictured a garden full of light and flowers. Nature cradles this scene of charity. The good things of nature are brought into the room of the sick in the form of flowers and fruit. Curving down from the Franciscan Cross are rhythms that fill the entire composition with a gentle ease.

To the right and left of the mural painting stand eight feet relief carvings of St. Francis and St. Clare. They look upon the scene acknowledging their tradition. St. Francis raises his stigmata marked hand while St. Clare holds the Book of the Franciscan Rule. The red of the book and the red rectangle in the middle of the painting both symbolize the compassion and care of the Franciscan way."

Franciscans Caring for the Sick was made possible through the generosity of Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Staff.

The above descriptive information was provided by Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center

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Updatd 26 March 2001