Arlington Cemetery, Pennsauken, NJ
Arlington Cemetery, Pennsauken, NJ, 1999

BJ's Cemetery Tour

(with bonus links to find out who is dead 
and where they are buried)

Cemeteries are really nifty places - 
you can find the most interesting people there. 

Andersonville National Historic Site
Resting place of Peter Schwartz

I visited Andersonville in 1976 and found Peter Schwartz's gravesite - the only one I could see with a wildflower growing on it.  I visited again in the summer of 2000 as a storm was arriving and had a chance to see the National Prisoner of War Museum that opened in 1999.

Andersonville National Cemetery
Andersonville National Cemetery, 1976
Peter Maguire memorial at Arlington
Peter McGuire memorial at Arlington, 1999
Arlington Cemetery, Pennsauken, NJ
Resting place of Peter McGuire, and lots of my family

Arlington is home to two of my grandfathers, my grandmother, my brother, two aunts, and four uncles.  I drop by occasionally just to say hello.  You can read about Uncle Russ, Uncle Bob, and Aunt Ida, if you like.

Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Old Bridge, NJ
Resting place of lots of Rollers (my family)

I discovered Chestnut Hill when I was looking for my great, great grandfather.  I was prowling the cemetery one rainy Sunday afternoon when a man asked if I needed some help.  I told him I was looking for Charles Roller.  He promptly went to get Mr. Beadle (sp??) from his dinner table to help me find the grave site. 

Chestnut Hill Cemetery
Nathan Roller, Chestnut Hill Cemetery, 1999
Walt Whitman's grave site at Harleigh Cemetery
Walt Whitman's grave site at Harleigh Cemetery, 2000
Harleigh Cemetery, Camden, NJ
Resting place of Walt Whitman, Nick Virgilio, Mother Bloor, and more of my family

Harleigh is a great cemetery and what interesting people are there!  Resting among the famous people are my great aunt, great uncle, and my uncle.

Jacob's Chapel AME Church, Medford, NJ
Resting place of Jamestills Still

I had a dickens of a time finding this churchyard.  But it was worth the hunt to find Dr. Still.

One of 2 tombstones for James Still at Jacob's Chapel AME Church
One of 2 tombstones for James Still at 
Jacob's Chapel AME Church, 1999
Jersey Joe Walcott's tombstone at Sunset Memorial Park
Jersey Joe Walcott's tombstone at Sunset Memorial Park, 1999
Sunset Memorial Park, Pennsauken, NJ
Resting place of Jersey Joe Walcott (Arnold Cream)

This cemetery is not easy to find without doing a little homework first.  But I did find it and Jersey Joe.

Willow Grove Cemetery, New Brunswick, NJ
Resting place of Richard Ackerman

Willow Grove is one of my favorites - from my college days.  My friends and I used to visit our "friends" Richard Ackerman, Mary Smith, Saide Smith, and more.  It was our sunbathing spot, our dining room (oh, those midnight suppers with Mary!), and our backyard.  After I moved away, Mary Smith's tombstone was destroyed, but my friend Spencer was able to salvage some pieces and shared them with those of us who cared.  I recently visited the cemetery during a trip to New Brunswick, but couldn't find Richard Ackerman's tombstone.  I had taken a photo years ago, and I hope it isn't all that remains to remember this young soldier who died at the Second Battle of Bull Run.

Willow Grove Cemetery - in the good old days.
Willow Grove Cemetery - in the good old days, ca 1969
That odd grave site!
That odd grave site, 1999
An Odd Grave Site in New Brunswick, NJ
Resting place of Mary Ellis, a horse, and more

I stumbled on this one back in college and was delighted to find it is still there!

The Old First Church, Bennington, VT
Resting place of Robert Frost

I read that Robert Frost was buried here and stopped by on my way to Rutland, VT in July 2000.  In addition to Frost, there is a monument marking the graves of Revolutionary War patriots, British and Hessian soldiers, and one executed loyalist.

Robert Frost's grave site at the Old First Church
Robert Frost's grave site at the Old First Church, 2000
Washington Irving's tombstone at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
Washington Irving's tombstone at 
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, 2000
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Sleepy Hollow, NY
Resting place of Washington Irving

On my way home from Rutland, it was only right that I visit Sleepy Hollow Cemetery to visit Washington Irving.

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, GA
Resting place of Margaret Mitchell

I decided to continue a pattern and make literary gravesites the theme of my summer 2000 travels.  One of my first stops in Atlanta was historic Oakland Cemetery where I paid a visit to Margaret Mitchell.

Margaret Mitchell's tombstone in Oakland Cemetery
Margaret Mitchell's tombstone in Oakland Cemetery, 2000
Antioch Cemetery, Island Grove, FL
Antioch Cemetery, 2000
Antioch Cemetery, Island Grove, FL
Resting place of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

At the end of my trip to Florida, I hunted for and found Antioch Cemetery.  Luckily, I had stopped at the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings State Historic Site and got directions from one of her former neighbors. 

Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, NJ
Resting place of John O'Hara, Henry Van Dyke, Grover Clevelend, and many more

I had passed this cemetery several times on my way to meetings at Princeton Medical Center.  I finally visited to hunt down John O'Hara and Henry Van Dyke.  I was delighted to learn that Van Dyke wrote the lyrics to " Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee" - sung to the tune of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy."

Grave site of Henry Van Dyke at Princeton Cemetery, 2000

Cemeteries I haven't visted yet...

Cedar Grove Cemetery, Gloucester, NJ
An article and photo tour by Hoag Levins

Old Camden Cemetery, Camden, NJ
A tour by Hoag Levins

And those bonus links...

Cemetery Records Online
Tombstone inscriptions from cemeteries from around the world.

Dead or Alive
Find out if someone famous is dead or alive.

Death, Be Not Proud: The Graves of Poets
From (Academy of American Poets)

Find A Grave
A great site!  Searchable by name, location, claim to fame, and by dates.  Lots of photos of the gravesites.

Gravesites of Prominent Nurses
See the gravesites and read their biographies.

Poets' Graves
Find our where you can visit your favorite poet.

The Political Graveyard
Find out were politicians are buried.  Many indexes.

Postcards from the Grave
Send your friends and relatives a postcard with a cemetery theme!

World Wide Cemetery
You can erect a virtual monument to someone, leave flowers, even find out who was an organ donor!

The Dead People Server
Not sure if someone famous is dead?  Check here for the answer.  There are also links to other dead sites.

The Dead Rock Stars Club
"A list of dead rock stars, dead people associated with rock and dead people whose music helped influence and create rock."

Fuller Up, The Dead Musician Directory
Find dead musicians by name or cause of death.

Social Security Death Index
Search the database and retrieve birth and death date and last residence.  A good way to find out if that old friend or relative has died.

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