The Swartz Family
Johann Matthew Schwarz
Great Great Grandfather
Frederick Christian Schwartz
 Great Grandfather
Caroline (Wünsch) Schwartz
Great Grandmother
John Matthew Swartz
Lydia (McConnell) Swartz

The Swartz Boys

John and Lydia's boys grew up in Camden, New Jersey.  Lydia died in 1917, leaving John to raise them alone.  Dutch, Russ, and Soapy worked for RCA Victor in Camden.  Ray moved to Baltimore, where he worked for Bendix, and Mel moved to Ocean City, NJ.  Both Ray and Soapy worked for the U.S. Postal Service after they retired. Pud ended up in Florida,where he had a shop to repair typewriters.

Baseball was their love.  A few years ago I met their cousin Robert from New York.  He told me that he had never met them on any of his family's trips to Camden - they were always off playing ball somewhere!

Howard (Dutch) Swartz
Norman (Pud) Swartz
Russell F. Swartz, 1908-1996
Melvin Swartz
Raymond G. Swartz
Elwood (Soapy) Swartz

And Yet More Swartz's

Aunt Carrie and Uncle Fred (John's brother)

Thoughts about the Swartz's

Faces in the Clouds
To Grandpop
Uncle Ray

Erma Smith MacIntyre remembers the Swartz Family

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