Give me a good (even bad) science fiction or horror movie any time! I still remember being terrified by This Island Earth - blue robots were chasing me for years. There was that hint of the blue slime of The H-Man forever oozing through doorways. And it was a true feat of courage to walk home through the graveyard after sitting through two screenings of Christopher Lee as Dracula.

Star WarsA long time ago (May 1977) I was standing in front of Mann's Chinese Theater looking at the posters for what looked like a Japanese science fiction film and decided to stop in after the Universal Studios tour. When I returned, the line went around the block and I decided it would be foolish to try to get in.  And so, I missed the opening of Star Wars. I do have a photo of the empty marquee - they were still putting up the letters when I took it. Not to worry, I did see the film in Boston a few weeks later. (That is another story about riding the rails.) I thoroughly enjoyed the re-release of the trilogy. I swore for a long time that I remember a substantial scene with Biggs in Boston, but never saw it again. I was glad to be reunited with him in the re-release of Star Wars!

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  • Updated June 3, 2013