But It's Good for You!
A Cornucopia of Creepy, Crawly Cures
Halloween makes us think of vampires, bats, maggots, leeches and other disgusting and icky things.  But maybe some of these assorted creepy, crawley creatures are not so bad after all.  Let's take a look at some of the medical uses, past and present, of these our misunderstood friends.
Ants Bats Bees
Clot Busters
Venom, Honey, Jelly

Re-attachment, Clot Busters
Cleaning Wounds

Our Friends the Insects
  • Insects Are Beneficial  (University of Arizona Maricopa Agricultural Center )
    • This mentions, among other things, maggot therapy and use of ants as sutures.
  • Insects and the Physician (Oregon State University, Department of Entomolgy)
    • These lecture notes from a class, Pests, Plagues and Politics, highlight the therapeutic values of  maggots, ants, beetles, bees, wasps, earwigs, cockroaches, bedbugs, grasshoppers, and spiders.
Ants  Bats Bees Leeches  Maggots

Image Credits

Ants:  USDA, Agricultural Research Service, ARS Photo Library
Bats:  The Buzee Bat House Temperature Plot
Bees: USDA, Agricultural Research Service, ARS Photo Library
Leeches:  Biopharm Leeches Homepage
Maggots:  Copyright, Rainbow Images
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Updated August 2, 2005