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A visit to my attic reveals lots of books from my childhood - each with a homemade book pocket and card.  I was doomed to grow up to become a librarian.  I fought it, but destiny doesn't give up easily.  It won, and I finally received my MLS from the Rutgers University School of Communication, Information and Library Studies

Generally, I have a terrible memory for authors' names - a dangerous quality in a librarian! But listed below are a few of my favorite authors whose names I can actually remember.

Edgar Rice Burroughs
When we were growing up, my brother and I would look forward to Christmas mornings when we would each open our two new Edgar Rice Burroughs books. When we had gone through all the Tarzan books, we moved on to Mars, Venus, and beyond.

Robert A. Heinlein
In the sixth grade I read a really nifty book, Space Cadet, and found out years later that Robert A. Heinlein was the author (I've had that name problem for a long time.) During the 1960's, Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land was our bible. After that book, I read a lot of his other works, but never liked the endings.

Hermann Hesse

During my senior year in college, we had to read Hesse's Steppenwolf. Amazingly, it was the first book that ever made me really think about what I as reading. I have read his Siddhartha in both English and German, and still turn to it when I need to feel "serene."
John Wyndham
When I found out that the Jefferson Airplane's Crown of Creation was based on a John Wyndham novel, Rebirth, I started reading his works. What a delight to find that two of my favorite movies, Village of the Damned and Day of the Triffids were also based on his books. More Literature

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Updated August 2, 2005