God Takes Care of the Animals

By Marion A. Swartz

God takes care of the animals 
When Christmas time draws near, 
His gentle touch lets them enjoy 
This special time of year. 

For weren't they there in Bethlehem 
When Jesus Christ was born? 
There in that lowly stable 
On that blessed Christmas morn? 

The sheep were high on the hilltops 
When the Star of the East appeared, 
And the camels brought the Magi 
To the baby so endeared. 

While out in the lonely forests 
The other animals knew 
That a miracle was happening 
As they watched and waited, too. 

Today we're celebrating 
With the trimming of the tree; 
But God does all the trimming 
For the animals to see. 

While we cover ours with tinsel 
And artificial snow, 
Colored balls and candy canes, 
And sparkling lights that glow, 

He sends a gentle snowfall 
Where the animals rove free, 
And leaves a tiny drop of ice 
On the branches of each tree. 

They sparkle in the sunlight, 
And in the moonlight, too, 
And the glitter of a million stars 
Brings their beauty through. 

All the colors of nature 
Against a field of white 
Burst forth as a reminder 
Of the promise of that night. 

The night the Holy Child was born 
In far off Bethlehem, 
Where the animals were waiting; 
Yes, God takes care of them.

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Posted 30 November 1997