Faces in the Clouds

Several years ago my Uncle Pud (Norman), one of six Swartz brothers, wrote a delightful poem about becoming a face in the clouds upon his death. He since passed away, joining his brothers Dutch (Howard) and Mel among the faces floating by.

In October 1996 the fourth brother, Russ, passed away. Upon hearing the news, I reread Pud's poem and was moved to write a sequel. I am placing both poems here in the hope that someone else may be comforted by faces in the clouds. 

The Clouds

The fleecy clouds up in the skies
Were changing shape before my eyes;
A deer, a bear, an eagle too,
Drifted by within my view.

I saw some faces, big and bold;
All of them looked very old;
Reminding me that someday I
Might be a face up in the sky.

So when I finally depart.
And leave the ones close to my heart,
Look to the sky and you may see
A figure that resembles me.

by Norman (#2) Swartz

A New Cloud

I look at the clouds
And I think I spy
The hint of a smile,
The wink of an eye.

The mist rises gently,
A new cloud appears,
Embraced by his brothers
Who've waited for years.

I wink back and smile
At the faces I see,
Gleefully looking
Back down at me.

by Betty Jean Swartz
October 1996

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