Wakulla Springs, FL

Journey with the Ferryman

"It's lung cancer";
Words unexpected,
Fears and emotions churning,
Visions of the banshee’s coach
Coming to carry me off.

Fears swiftly transform
To an easy calm
As the ferryman approaches,
Offering a ride down the river
To an unknown shore.

I step onto the ferry,
Enjoying the ride;
Sometimes sailing through rapids,
Often floating along
On a peaceful current.

In the ferryman's care,
No fear of striking rocks
Or of reaching the end;
Only joy in the sights and sounds
Of the river.

At journey's end,
Thoughts of the banshee far behind,
I take my leave
Of the ferryman,
Until the next gentle ride.

                             BJ Swartz
                             November 2009

Image - Photographed by BJ Swartz from a boat at Wakulla Springs, FL, 2000

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Copyright © 2009 BJ Swartz
Posted 29 March 2010