Ode to My Gall Bladder

Tiny little thing of green,
Sitting in there quite unseen,
Why does all that yummy food
Put you in an awful mood?

Nasty little body part,
Causing me to burp and fart,
Keep it up and you will see
What you'll get for crossing me!

Little organ holding bile,
Since you have become so vile,
Causing me to ache and pout,
I am going to put you out!

BJ Swartz

Copyright © BJ Swartz 1994-2009

I've been surprised and delighted by the messages I've received from people who have enjoyed this poem! FYI, I was taking a creative writing class at the time I wrote it as my excuse for missing a session. I had the nasty little devil taken out in January 1995. 

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BJ Swartz