Uncle Ray 

Alone and afraid, 
I trembled and cried; 
Then Uncle Ray
Sat by my side.

With books in hand, 
He smiled at me, 
And read the stories 

The fear was gone, 
My heart was glad. 
The sterile room 
Was not so bad.

Dear Uncle Ray 
Stayed by my side, 
His heart so big, 
His smile so wide.

Today I'll visit 
Him and see 
What wondrous book 
He'll read to me. 

Betty Jean Swartz 
2/27/95, revised 12/7/97 

At Easter time, in the second grade, I was unexpectedly hospitalized in Baltimore. My parents had to leave me alone for awhile to make arrangements for my mom to stay on.  Uncle Ray appeared in my hospital room and read to me while they were gone.  To this day he reads to me when I visit him, and I delight in every word I hear.

BJ Swartz
Posted 4 December 1997