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The 61st Station Hospital

The 61st Station Hospital was the first in military history to be formed from a community hospital and one of the few, if any, to stay together as a unit throughout World War II .  Organized by George B. German, Cooper Hospital's chief obstetrician, the 61st served in the Mediterranean Theater from 1942 to 1945.  Their first 10 month assignment was in a former French Foreign Legion outpost in El Guerrah, Algeria, after which they moved on to Foggia, Italy, where they remained for the duration of the war.
61st Station Hospital
Col. George B. German, Commanding
Capt. Lillian Patterson Yates, Chief Nurse

Lt. Col. Robert E. Imhoff
Lt. Col. Vincent T. McDermott
Lt. Col. Edwin R. Ristine
Maj. Wilmer F. Burns
Maj. Robert S. Garber
Maj. Earl G. Ludlam
Maj. Freeman W. Metzer
Capt. Sherman Garrison
Capt. Gerald Husted
Capt. Thomas H. McGlade
Capt. Joseph Newmeyer
Capt. Edwin G. Osborne
Capt. Louis C. Reigert
Capt. Frank Reiter
Capt. John P.Rudolph


Capt. Ruby Gross
Capt. Mary Rauffenbart
1st Lt. Freida Cox
1st Lt. Harriet Gellenthin
1st Lt. Rosalie Gilbert
1st Lt. Ruth Hamilton
1st Lt. Ruth Hunt
1st Lt. Margaret Klock
1st Lt. Elizabeth Kuebler
1st Lt. Helen Mifflin
1st Lt. Elinor Watt Narcessian

1st Lt. Margaret Owen
1st Lt. Gertrude Pollitt
1st Lt. Anita Romani
1st Lt. Jane Salisbury
1st Lt. Emily Schmidt
1st Lt. Mildred Shimp
1st Lt. Virginia Smith
1st Lt. Catherine Snyder
1st Lt. Catherine Steele
1st Lt. Irene Wasley
1st Lt. Reba Workman

Plaque formerly inside the main entrance to Cooper Hospital/University Medical Center and a display in the hospital on the history of its nursing program, and:

Kirk, Margaret O.  Cooper: The Story of Cooper Hospital.  Camden, NJ:  Cooper Hospital/University Medical Center, 1987.  Chapters 10-11.  The above image is from this book.

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United States Army in World War II: The Technical Services - The Medical Department: Medical Service in the Mediterranean and Minor Theaters, by Charles M. Wiltse
The 61st Station Hospital is covered in the following chapters:
    Chapter 3: Conquest of North Africa
    Chapter 5: The North African Communications Zone
    Chapter 6: Procurement, 1941-45: Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Corps
    Chapter 9: The Italian Communications Zone Southern Phase

61 Station Hospital, Foggia, Italy, WW II
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